I get my access over Wifi

I get my access over Wifi

Postby RobKluver » Fri Sep 14, 2012 8:52 am

That's right. I live in the middle of nowhere, in the hills of the Appalachians in Western Pennsylvania. There is no cable, dsl or any other broadband services available here. So how do I get online and do all these wonderful things every day? I have a pretty cool wireless connection.

On my roof I have a 802.11b CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) wireless radio. It has a directional panel antenna that is aimed just above the treeline to a AM radio station tower 6 miles away, in Maryland. But that is not where it ends, as on that tower there sits an omnidirectional antenna connected to an access point that goes down into the shelter at the bottom over ethernet with POE. From there it goes back up on another line to a 802.11a 54mbps link 4 miles north to the small town of Salisbury, PA. There is where I pick up a 25/5 Comcast cable broadband connection.

Now since most of the wireless equipment is half duplex, here at the house I wind up with around 4mbps download and about 1 mbps upload. Its not the best, but its better than any of my neighbors have. Of course, most of them are Amish. :lol:
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