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Windows XP News Stories:

What you missed in tech last week: Windows XP clings on, Galaxy S6 arrives
We round up the top 10 stories from the world of technology
13 April 2015 am30 5:13 am

Hotline Miami 2 gets Windows XP support
Hotline Miami 2 launched last week to critical acclaim, but a fair number of folks were disappointed to realise that the game wouldn`t run on Windows XP, despite the system requirements saying otherwise prior to launch. This was unfortunate for those who pre-ordered the game. Thankfully, there is now a fix for this via modder Silent. On the Steam forums they created an unofficial patch to this ...
12 April 2015 am30 5:37 am

Support for Windows XP Through 2012 From Dell
Some of us are just hesitant to join the party known as Windows Vista. Others just haven’t purchased a new computer since the launch of Microsoft’s latest operating system.
10 April 2015 pm30 10:02 pm

Use of Windows XP makes European ATMs vulnerable to malware attacks
For the first time, a country in Western Europe has reported that malware attacks were used by hackers to steal €1.23 million (US$1.32 million) from ATMs. One major problem is the continued use of Windows XP in ATMs, making them more vulnerable to attacks, a report on ATM fraud said. The report does not specify which country reported the malware attacks, said Lachlan Gunn, executive director the ...
9 April 2015 am30 10:31 am

Identifying the Windows XP holdouts, one year on
The people who simply can`t or won`t upgrade
9 April 2015 am30 3:58 am

Windows XP is still clinging on, one year later
Some organisations are going to get stung for millions
8 April 2015 am30 12:28 am

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