National Parks Cost is Too Damed High

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National Parks Cost is Too Damed High

Postby RobKluver » Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:28 pm

National Parks Service
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This week we learned about some deals between the states and the Federal Government's Department of the Interior to open up some of the nation's National Parks. The amounts states have to now pay to open them up highlights the outrageous expense of this incredibly huge money pit.

Here is a look at some of the numbers:

Grand Canyon $93,000 per day

Rocky Mountain National Park $36,270 per day

New York:
Statue of Liberty $61,550 per day

South Dakota:
Mount Rushmore $15,200 per day

Utah: $170,000 per day
Covers 8 locations: Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Zion National Parks, Glen Canyone Recreation Area, Cedar Breaks and Natural Bridges monuments.

Just for these locations, the bill is over $376,000.00 per DAY. Now I understand that they need to do some maintenance, maybe have some security guards, pay for electric to run the soda machines and all, but this is simply ridiculous. The Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon are simply part of nature, you want to go visit them, go ahead. Sure it would be nice to have safety officers and janitorial crews on duty, but I hardly think it necessary. The Statue of Liberty costing over $60,000 per day?? Its a statue, been there for a long time. Yes, its been repaired a few times, I understand that, but you go there on a boat, look at it and leave. There is simply no way to justify these type of expenses.

Mount Rushmore, $15K+ per day? Something you just pull over to look at? I say let the states take all of this crap over. I do not mean to call our monuments and national parks crap but the amount we are spending on them gets my potty mouth going.

But, Nancy Pelosi says the cupboard is bare, there is nothing more that they can cut from the budget. Really? You see people, this is why the Government Shutdown, especially a long one, is going to reveal an increasing amount of financial issues most of us take for granted. The Government is simply way too large and spends way too much of our hard earned money on, well, bullshit.

Well, enough of my rambling on. Here are some more facts and figures to mull over:

Fiscal Year 2013 National Parks Service funding was $2.6 billion dollars. Now let us break that down...
Total Operation of the National Park System $2,250,050,00
Resource Stewardship $333,415,000
Visitor Services $237,808,000
Park Protection $362,998,000
Facility Maintenance & Operations $681,807,000
Park Support $454,366,000
External Administrative Costs $179,656,000
Total National Recreation and Preservation $52,096,000
Total Historic Preservation Fund $55,910,000
Total Construction $131,173,000
Total Land Acquisition and State Assistance: $119,421,000
*Total earnings from National Parks system is $373,916,000

Now that we have that, lets take a look at the FY 2003 budget justifications to run some individual locations in the National Parks system, which while still very high are actually less than what they are making states pay to fund them:
Grand Canyon: $21,554,000 ($1,796,166 per month, $59,872 per day)
Statue of Liberty NM & Ellis Island: $15,791,000 ($1,215,916 per month, $43,863 per day)
Mount Rushmore: $4,092,000 ($341,000 per month, $11,366 per day)
Independence National Historic Park (55 acre park in Philadelphia) $24,071,000 ($2,005,916 per month, $66,864 per day)
National Mall & Monuments in DC $32,539,000 ($2,711,583 per month, $90,386 per day)
Yellowstone National Park $35,590,000 ($2,965,833 per month, $98,861 per day)
Yosemite National Park $29,270,000 ($2,439,166 per month, $81,305 per day)

FY2013 National Parks Service
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This is just a small sample of some of the more than 300 national parks funded by American taxpayers. These amounts are incredibly high no matter what way you look at it.

The National Park Service was created in 1916 under the National Parks Service Organic Act signed by President Woodrow Wilson. It was created by Congress for "the common benefit of all the people of the United States. The authorization of activities shall be construed and the protection, management, and administration of these areas shall be conducted in light of the high public value and integrity of the National Park System and shall not be exercised in derogation of the values and purposes for which these various areas have been established"
(16 USC § 1a–1 - National Park System: administration; declaration of findings and purpose)

Where a unit of the National Park System is located adjacent to or near a State or local park area, and cooperative management between the National Park Service and a State or local government agency of a portion of either park will allow for more effective and efficient management of the parks, the Secretary may enter into an agreement with a State or local government agency to provide for the cooperative management of the Federal and State or local park areas. The Secretary may not transfer administration responsibilities for any unit of the National Park System under this paragraph.

(16 USC § 1l-1)
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