The fascinating world of Science opens the door to many new discoveries and the expansion of your knowledge and understanding of how things work. Our science forum boards are divided into many classifications of sciences. Here you will find topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Entemology, Brain-to-computer interfaces and many other stimulating subjects.

Science News Stories:

Science matters to voters, so why is it being ignored by our politicians?
Science and technology are not coming up in the general election debates – to the future detriment of our economy As the election approaches there are some recurrent themes: the NHS, immigration, tax and the economy. Science and technology don’t get much of a mention, yet they underpin a substantial part of our economy and directly or indirectly affect just about every part of our lives. A ...
11 April 2015 pm30 7:17 pm

Amended science standards called 'progress'
By Ryan Quinn Some groups that denounced now-rejected changes to West Virginia`s upcoming K-12 science standards regarding global warming are disappointed in new modifications but view them as less harmful than the previous version. "It still represents progress, as far as we`re concerned," said Glenn Branch, deputy director of the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit that defends ...
11 April 2015 pm30 6:05 pm

In a cameras-everywhere culture, science fiction becomes reality
Science fiction writer David Brin calls it "a tsunami of lights" — a future where tiny cameras are everywhere, lighting up everything we do, and even predicting what we`ll do next.
11 April 2015 pm30 1:17 pm

Top 13 Science Books For The General Reader: Why Stop There?
If you had to pick your own list of the top 13 best science books by scientists for the general reader... what would they be?
11 April 2015 am30 10:36 am

Science Night at UWS
Superior, WI. ( -- College students have been known to go a little crazy on Friday night but on the UWS Campus this Friday night, the wildness included milking goats.
10 April 2015 pm30 11:52 pm

Science a family affair for Stephanie
LA Trobe University’s only Doctor of Philosophy graduate yesterday had followed her father’s interest in science, that led him to be her lecturer.
10 April 2015 pm30 5:18 pm

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