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Saturn News Stories:

2006 Saturn ION Reviews - Page 5 of 6
The car had to be towed 10 days after purchase. Since then, however, there have been no breakdowns. The gas mileage was well below what it should have been until ~17,000 miles, when it kicked in and began getting the advertised mileage.
9 April 2015 am30 10:20 am

Saturn’s two-faced moon Iapetus
This isn`t the day and night side of Iapetus. It`s the day side, a nearly full-on view. The two sides of this moon of Saturn have very different brightnesses.
8 April 2015 am30 5:10 am

Saturn Shines with the Moon Tonight: How to See It
I love showing Saturn to people who have never seen it through a telescope before, especially kids. Even during the warm summer months, Saturn was not at its best. In August 2009, for example, Saturn appeared rather low in the southwest sky and the rings were turned more-or-less edgewise toward Earth making them quite difficult to see.
7 April 2015 pm30 5:24 pm

IceMole Drill Built to Explore Saturn's Icy Moon Enceladus Passes Glacier Test
For the first time, scientists have broken through the icy crust of a glacier in Antarctica and extracted an uncontaminated sample of water trapped beneath the ice for millions of years, potentially paving the way toward the exploration of icy bodies in the solar system. The German Aerospace Center`s (DLR) Enceladus Explorer (EnEx) project has been working toward this moment for three years. In ...
7 April 2015 am30 8:37 am

New Technique Shines Light on Titan, Largest Moon of Saturn (Photo)
A new image-processing technique is bringing Saturn`s largest moon, Titan, into clearer view than ever before. The NASA probe, which is exploring the Saturn system, has uncovered the largest dune fields in the solar system and hydrocarbon lakes that grow and shrink with the seasons on Titan. The grainy appearance of the images particularly bothered Antoine Lucas, at the astrophysics division of ...
7 April 2015 am30 8:22 am

Saturn Minerals Inc. Announces Completion of First Tranche of Private Placement
Saturn Minerals Inc. is pleased to announce that it has completed the first tranche for 3,200,000 units in connection with a Private Placement previously announced on March 23, 2015, of up to 4,500,000 ...
2 April 2015 pm30 3:52 pm

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