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Peugeot News Stories:

PEUGEOT 'Food Truck': Le Bistrot du Lion
COVENTRY, UK -- April 8, 2015: The PEUGEOT Design Lab premieres its newest creation, the PEUGEOT ‘Food Truck’. This urban chic concept combines innovative new experiences to deliver high-quality food on the go.
11 April 2015 pm30 10:18 pm

Peugeot Food Truck Concept Serves Up Style and French Cuisine
Van and trailer transform into a chic French restaurant.
9 April 2015 am30 3:06 am

Peugeot’s Top 10 Design Contest Vehicles
The Peugeot Design Contest from last year is near its end. Ten designs have been selected as the finalists, some fancy, most futuristic, and definitely all are very creative.
7 April 2015 pm30 8:26 pm

Peugeot’s latest design offers food for thought
Le Bistrot du Lion is a fully functioning foodtruck concept that offers space for up to 30 diners as well as chefs and a DJ and will be going into service at Milan Design Week. The French may have been a little slower than the US and other parts of Europe to embrace the concept of the foodtruck, but Peugeot`s latest concept, which will be heading to Milan for Design Week, shows that they`re ...
7 April 2015 am30 5:36 am

Peugeot Design shows an ingenious foodtruck
Good design is a functional expression of purpose and after 200 years of creating household technology and a 125 years of designing transportation technology, Peugeot Design has married the two with an ingenious mobile restaurant "Foodtruck" concept... Continue Reading Peugeot Design shows an ingenious foodtruck Section: Automotive Tags: Cooking , Food , Nissan , Peugeot , Peugeot Design Lab ...
7 April 2015 am30 4:06 am

Faurecia follows Peugeot Citroen in tie-up with China's Dongfeng
Faurecia, the car parts division of French carmaker Peugeot Citroen, said Tuesday it was creating a joint venture with Chinese auto giant Dongfeng that would double its business in the country. While Faurecia has long been present in China, the joint venture deepens its relationship with the country`s number two carmaker, which last year took part control of Peugeot Citroen. "This new ...
31 March 2015 am31 5:04 am

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