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Mp3 Players News Stories:

iRiver Adds Three New MP3 Players to Lineup
iRiver has launched three new MP3 players today aimed at different user groups. The first, the U10, is said to boast an operating environment that you can navigate with just your thumb.
11 April 2015 pm30 9:55 pm

Sharp launches new MP3 players that can survive a drop
Are you a major klutz? Have you wrecked your iPod by dropping it? Well, Sharp has the answer for you. The MP-S200 (512MB) and MP-S300 (1GB) are mp3 players with a honeycombed aluminum case and protective carabineer around it.
9 April 2015 am30 12:35 am

Sony OLED CE-P MP3 players
What do you do after you kill the Bean? Well, for Sony China, it means that it’s time to release a sleek new MP3 player complete with a full 260K color OLED display.
6 April 2015 pm30 12:36 pm

Toshiba Reveals Prototype Fuel Cell MP3 Players
Toshiba Corporation of Japan, also the world leader in fuel-cell technology for mobile devices, has revealed two prototype direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) devices.
30 March 2015 pm31 11:31 pm

Kenwood M512A3 and M256A3 First Portable MP3 Players
Kenwood has entered the portable digital music realm with their new flash based MP3 players. The Kenwood M512A3 will sport 512MB internal memory, and will come in a choice of four colors: white, black, orange, and blue. The 256MB version M256A3 is only available in white and black.
26 March 2015 pm31 10:30 pm

Enough is not enough? How much storage do MP3 players really need?
Let me preface this by saying that I primarily enjoy my music in my home and in my car, and the main reason why I have an MP3 player is so that I have some tunes to keep me occupied when I go outside for a run or hit up the gym.
26 March 2015 am31 3:50 am

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