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BC Legal Orgs Use Wikipedia-Style Website to Serve Free Legal Information: Dial-A-Law Joins Clicklaw Wikibooks
Canadian Bar Association BC Branch`s long-running Dial-A-Law has joined Clicklaw Wikibooks in time for Law Week. Visitors to can now export the scripts -- covering over 130 legal ...
14 April 2015 pm30 6:08 pm

Trade groups mount legal challenges to FCC's new Internet rules
By Malathi Nayak NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cable and wireless trade groups filed separate lawsuits on Tuesday challenging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission over its new web traffic regulations. The National Cable and Telecommunications Association, CTIA-The Wireless Association and American Cable Association filed petitions against so-called "net neutrality rules" in U.S. Court of Appeals ...
14 April 2015 pm30 5:26 pm

Legal brief: Common pocket knives are not illegal daggers
"We aren`t going to let the government run over the rights of knife owners in this or any other case."
14 April 2015 pm30 5:03 pm

Chesapeake settles one legal battle
American Energy–Utica and Energy & Minerals Group announce a settlement with Chesapeake.
14 April 2015 pm30 4:15 pm

Legal showdown over Louis Vuitton fakes at the Swap Shop begins
After years of trying to get the Swap Shop to stop traders selling counterfeit products, luxury brand Louis Vuitton told jurors Tuesday it finally resorted to filing a civil suit against the owners of the massive Lauderhill flea market.
14 April 2015 pm30 2:56 pm

Despite nebulous legal status, pot growers hire lobbyists
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California`s marijuana farmers have existed in a legal gray area in the 18 years since the state became the first to allow residents to use the drug for medical purposes.
14 April 2015 pm30 2:27 pm

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