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Copyright Law News Stories:

Law firm sued for copyright infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets
A Maryland computer programming company is suing Joseph, Greenwald & Laake P.A. and one of the law firm’s attorneys for $350 million, alleging they stole a copyrighted program for an elite travel management system used by the federal government, and then illegally copied and distributed it. The program, called Zegato Travel Solutions, is used to process travel information for agents of the U.S ...
10 April 2015 pm30 4:17 pm

VPN services violate copyright law insist large media firms
New Zealand ISPs threatened with action from Lightbox, Sky, MediaWorks
10 April 2015 am30 9:33 am

EFF wants to change copyright law to preserve older games
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is currently seeking a law change in the US that would enable third parties to preserve older games that are no longer supported by their publisher in ways that, currently breach copyright law.
10 April 2015 am30 12:26 am

New Copyright Law May Have Made U.S. Netflix Illegal In Canada: Fasken Martineau
Canada’s new copyright law may have made it illegal for TV viewers on this side of the border to access U.S. Netflix, a prominent law firm says. As part of recent copyright law reforms , the government made it illegal to circumvent technologies that control access to copyrighted works, such as digital locks . “ Accessing U.S. Netflix via a VPN could be considered circumventing this measure ...
2 April 2015 pm30 3:18 pm

ISPs to Enforce Copyright Law
A group of major ISPs and major content providers have agreed on a a mechanism to enforce copyright laws in the network. While full details have not yet been released, the basic scheme involves using previously designed IP flags to denote public domain content. That is, given general copyright principles, it is on average a shorter code path and hence more efficient to set the flag on exempt ...
1 April 2015 pm30 2:00 pm

Copyright law encourages artists to feel they're in control of what they've made. But in reality, a song is a ...
Copyright law encourages artists to feel they`re in control of what they`ve made. But in reality, a song is a different thing once it leaves its creator.
28 March 2015 am31 1:01 am

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