What is a foxhole radio?

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What is a foxhole radio?

Postby RichardH » Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:15 am

A foxhole radio dates back to the 1940's, where soldiers on the battlefield could create a radio from junk in order to be able to listen to either entertaining music or news broadcasts. This was especially important to G.I.s who were captured during World War II as fellow prisoners of war did their best to stay on top of current events and status reports about the conflict.

The radio would get its power source from the radio waves and would be tuned in using a razor blade and graphite found in the tip of a pencil and headphones made from nails, bamboo and wax.

Here is a similar radio being built from junk, although this guy cheats a little bit by using a latop usb power source to amplify the sound.

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